Silica Fiber Sleeve

The Silica Fiber Braided Sleeve is a braided silica sleeve, manufactured from a 96% pure SiO2 silica fiber, and is fit for continuous use at 1800°F or 982°C. They can withstand immediate temperature exposure of up to 3000°F or 1650°C. This product is made of 96% pure silica fiber as it is a healthier option to asbestos and other ceramic sleeves and wraps. The Silica Fiber Braided Sleeve is highly durable and flexible, having a minimal lineal shrinkage even when put on high extreme temperatures. It is coated with a patented hydro-carbon coating which improves its durability, providing Silica flex fire sleeves unrivalled abrasion resistance and tensile stability. It can be incorporated with other cheap sleeve products available on the market to enhance insulation rates or abrasion resistance to suit the most demanding applications. Safety glasses, dust masks, gloves and long sleeves should always be worn when using this product.