PVC & Industrial Hoses Light Duty

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February 12, 2019
Gravel Hoses
August 20, 2019

PVC & Industrial Hoses Light Duty

PVC Light Duty

Introduction :

Italflex is the real hose for suction and delivery application. It is strong, flexible, durable, and easy to handle. It is a smooth bore reinforced PVC hose which ensures optimum performance and minimum flow resistance to the product is conveys. Italflex flexible PVC Hosewith rigid reinforcement for suction and delivery is a result of many years of experiance combined with advance technology, perfect quality control before and throught the production gives the ultimate users maximum quality assurance.

Construction And Applications

Italflex flexible PVC Hose is produced under rigorously controlled conditions. A proper and adequate reinforcement is secured by proper placement of hard spirals of rigid PVC in the soft wall which gives strength to the wall as well as required flexibility to the entire hose length. This also provides outstanding crush resistance and working pressure ratings. Italflex Medium Duty Flexible PVC Green Hose has countless applications in Agriculture and Industry. It is ideal for suction and delivery of water for irrigation purpose in Agriculture with electric mono block and oil engines. Also suitable for suction and delivery of saline water, light acids, Alkalies and other chemicals and for conveying of granuals or fine particles of raw materials.


  • Light Weight : Often only 1/4 that of rubber hose has which makes it easy to carry and install.
  • Flexible : The flexibility of hose is retained for many years. It can be bent as desired. No kinking bulging or bursting even in the most severe working conditions.
  • Resistance : It Shows strong resistance to high pressure and most of the chemicals, acids and alkalies. Ideal for pressure suction & delivery of water.
  • Weather Proof : Resistant to sun, ozone and weather.
  • Easy Fitting : Easily installed, even to non-standard couplings.
  • Smooth Bore : Allows fast flow.

Product Specification :

Size  Diameter

 Bending RadiusPressure Working(at 30C) BurstingStandard Lengths
mmInchId mmOd mmmmkg / cm2kg / cm2 Meter
20 3/4 19.0±0.523.6±1.045 7 24 30
25 125.4±0.530.0±1.055 723 30
301. 1/431.8±0.536.8±1.0 756.52030
401. 1/2 38.0±0.543.3±1.095516
50 2 50.8±0.557.8±1.5122 4 16 30/50
65 2. 1/2 63.5±1.0 72.0±1.5 160416 30/45/50
75 3 76.2±1.085.0±1.52723.515 30/36
1004 101.2±2.0 112.2±2.0 290 3.5
11 15/18/30

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