Gravel Hoses

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PVC & Industrial Hoses Light Duty
August 20, 2019
PVC & Industrial Hoses h&M
August 20, 2019

Gravel Hoses

Gravel Hoses


PVC cover with Polyurethane liner and rigid PVC.


WGP-Type Suction Hose is particularly useful for mud suction and discharges, material handling -heavy duty abrasive in a mining application, civil engineering works as well as for use in sandblasting for removing rust from ships and other steel structures.



SizeSize/IDSize/ODWPBurst PressureStd.LengthMinimum Bending RadiusReference Weight
(Inches)(mm) (±1 to 1.50)(mm) (±1 to 1.50)(kg/cm²)(kg/cm²)(Mtr)(mm)(Kg/m)
2"50.80±1.0060.00±1.004.01215/18/302001.00 to 1.06
2.1/2"63.50±1.0074.00±1.004.0125/18/302501.30 to 1.40
3"76.00±1.2589.00±1.254.0125/18/302501.80 to 1.90
4"101.60±1.50117.00±1.503.5105/18/303752.60 to 2.80
6"152.00±1.50176.00±1.502.0615/204755.60 to 6.00
8"201.25±1.50225.50±1.502.066/125007.50 to 8.10

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